Paper Caskets Windsor Launch

Event Date: 
Sep 19, 2018
Biblioasis - 1520 Wyandotte St. East, Windsor, ON

Join Emilia Danielewska at Biblioasis as she launches her debut poetry collection, PAPER CASKETS on September 19th at 7 pm. Reading will be followed by a Q&A and book signing. She will be joined by author Nicole Markotić!


Emilia Danielewska's debut book of prose-poetry reveals the dead. Divided into four parts, Paper Caskets proposes a poetics of the box — as coffin, as prose parameters of the page, as photograph, and as state of mind and body in the face of death. From the act of photographing the dead, to mourning the dead, and to preparing for death that is coming, here is work startling in its clarity, which exposes, as a photograph does, the complicated relationship humans have with mortality.

Paper Caskets looks beyond grief to see the dead as dynamic places where memory and body collide, where flesh rots and fluid seeps and we de/compose prose-poetry.

About the author:

Emilia Danielewska was born Poland and grew up in Windsor, ON. She holds a Masters in English, Language, Literature, and Creative Writing from the University of Windsor. She currently lives and works in London, England. Her debut poetry book, Paper Caskets is part of the Crow Said Poetry series.