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Vancouver Walking

Meredith Quartermain 978-1-896300-81-8 | 128 Pages May, 2005 Poetry, Travel

About this book

  • Winner of the BC Book Prize for Poetry!

Journey along Vancouver’s colourful city streets, past its landmarks, through the sounds and smells of Chinatown. Ramble along the seawall on English Bay, ride the curving streets to Kitsilano on a winter afternoon, and experience the vibrant sights and sounds of the city’s history as it jostles for a place in the present. Vancouver Walking is a collection of descriptive poetry that evokes visions of Vancouver and the history that haunts it. Meredith Quartermain paints sharp, simple, and often ironic impressions of the city, completing her collection with a train journey down the west coast and inland over the Sierra Nevada to Utah and Colorado.


“In Vancouver Walking, Meredith Quartermain sights the coordinates of tangible and historical attentions as she moves through an amazement of place and language. The word here is foot and eye, step by step, crisscrossing the city with the grids and layers of its own minute particulars and articulating the truth of the imagination, the dynamics of the intersect. These poems listen carefully to the yearning of place, the kind of naming a city answers to.”

~ Fred Wah, author of Diamond Grill