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Kieran Egan 978-1-177439-030-6 | 200 Pages September, 2021 Forthcoming, Fiction, Humour, Mystery & Thriller

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Saved from certain death on the Whistler-Vancouver highway after his luxury car malfunctions, Mark Morata feels honour-bound to reward his rescuer, Geoff Pybus, with a token of his undying gratitude. Geoff, a frustratingly humble university professor, happy with his family’s lot in life, only wants the impossible: for his modest, straightforward wife to get tenure at her university.

Luckily, Mark is a man for whom impossible is just another word. As a sophisticated importer-exporter of certain recreational substances (“drug lord” is such a cliché), Mark gets to work on the academic world with the same relentless nature that helped him climb to the top of the cartel. However, the hallowed campus halls reveal an environment that is vicious and corrupt beyond anything he has ever encountered in the drug business...

Kieran Egan’s Tenure is a wildly entertaining satire mash-up, where campus culture collides with crime.


“With the Japanese Yakuza wanting a piece of his action and the Vietnamese gangs breathing down his neck, drug lord Mark Morata has his hands full. But when he decides to make an 'offer they can’t refuse' to the members of a university faculty, he doesn’t know what he is in for. Filled with delightfully quirky characters, Tenure is an entertaining romp that pits organized crime against the disorganized mob of the academic world.”

~ Norm Boucher, author of Horseplay: My Time Undercover on the Granville Strip

“An inspired mash-up of academia and the underworld which opens with a Hitchcockian-style hook that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go. Tenure establishes Egan as an exciting and distinct new voice in Canadian crime fiction."

~ A.J. Devlin, award-winning author of Cobra Clutch and Rolling Thunder