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Teatro Trilogy (A)

Stewart Lemoine 978-1-896300-80-1 | 224 Pages May, 2004 Drama, Humour

About this book

A Teatro Trilogy gathers three plays by award-winning Edmonton playwright Stewart Lemoine for his company Teatro la Quindicina. In "Shockers Delight!", the struggle of three college students to balance emotional and intellectual attraction is informed by their diligent study of golf, ballroom dancing, and Biedermeier furniture design. In "Pith!", an itinerant sailor imaginatively rescues a widow and her stoic housekeeper from despair. In "The Margin of the Sky", an addled Canadian playwright finds himself unable to embrace the basic tenets of American popular culture in order to create a script for his soap star brother-in-law.

Lemoine's characteristic humour is now also being recognized across North America—Teatro la Quindicina has been invited to both the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and the New York Fringe Festival. The publication of this book, a sampling of the comedies that span his years as a playwright, is just the next step in his celebrated career.