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Shallow Enough to Walk Through

Marissa Reaume 978-1-927063-42-2 | 224 Pages October, 2013 Ebook, Fiction, Humour, Nunatak First Fiction Series, Women's Literature

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About this book

“Three weeks it’s been raining, but no puddles…”

Author Sara Pierce is slowly drowning in Windsor, a city where water will seemingly not stay put long enough to form puddles. While living with her germophobic best friend Angie and dealing with her online gaming-addicted boyfriend Dan, Sara finds herself obsessively writing and rewriting her own story in order to gain some sense of control over her life.

Reading like John Barth by way of Lena Dunham, Shallow Enough to Walk Through is a portrait of the artist as a young woman trapped in a world she never imagined would end up this way. Marissa Reaume’s playful debut is a novel that makes and unmakes itself at the same time, as strikethroughs and compulsive editorial injections take us into the mind of a young writer struggling to finally come into her own.


"Shallow Enough to Walk Through overflows with quirky characters: little sisters who toy with Bunsen burners, married friends who eye-sex strangers, boyfriends who wear plaid pajamas in public, and computer companies that morph into character clichés. A gratifying debut novel."

~ Nicole Markotić, author of Bent at the Spine

"As delicious as chocolate hair; as bittersweet as the rain inside you; as mysterious as struck out text, Shallow Enough to Walk Through delivers sensory pleasure on every page. With an eye for what’s unfamiliar in the everyday, Marissa Reaume writes/rewrites the city of Windsor and its inmates/inhabitants into a compelling read that is both funny odd and funny ha-ha."

~ D.M. Bryan, author of Gerbil Mother

"This was a strong debut from Marissa Reaume, perfect for readers who are looking for reads on the cusp between young adult and adult fiction, and I’m very interested to see what she comes up with in the future." full review

~ Reading in Winter

"This debut novel clearly documents author Marissa Reaume's genuine talent for deftly crafted characters and nicely woven plots."

~ Midwest Book Review