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Bottom Line (The)

Diana Gibson 978-1-897126-10-3 | 104 Pages April, 2006 Ebook, Non-Fiction, Politics

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About this book

The Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled that if wait lists are overly long in the public healthcare sector, individuals should have the right to buy coverage and services in the private sector. The Bottom Line gets to the real story behind private health insurance through looking at the history of private insurance before Medicare and examining the myths and realities of health care in Canada. Diana Gibson and Colleen Fuller reveal how private health insurance is not cheaper than public and will result in a two-tiered healthcare system that offers nothing to solve the problems of wait lists or accessibility. In this concise and well-researched book, readers will find answers to the many questions surrounding this debate and viable solutions for strengthening Canada’s world-class model of healthcare from within.


"You need to know what you are going to lose. Read this book and join the fight to stop the Americanization of Canada’s healthcare system before it is too late.”

~ Shirley Douglas, daughter of Tommy Douglas

"This important and easy-to-read book deftly exposes the myths about the benefits of private healthcare."

~ Linda McQuaig

"Private health insurance is being spun as new cloth.... The Bottom Line makes it clear that it is actually very old cloth with lots of holes which Canadians threw out for good reason a long time ago."

~ Gillian Steward, author of Clear Answers