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Big Rig 2: More Comic Tales From A Long Haul Trucker

Don McTavish 978-1-896300-71-9 | 208 Pages October, 2003 Humour, Non-Fiction

About this book

Retired after 40 years in the trucking industry, Don McTavish knows the trucker's life—and better yet, he knows how to tell a story. Join Don and his fellow haulers as they hunt down and retrieve a stolen rig, sweat bullets hauling burning boxcars and molten steel, struggle through the chaos of snow-ridden Vancouver, park a bulldozer in a living room to keep it warm, slip, slide, and spin up and down icy inclines and muddy trails, reveal the secrets of a step-by-step haul, and pass on wisdom and warnings about the ins and outs of trucking.