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Arbutus/Madrone Files (The): Reading The Pacific Northwest

Laurie Ricou 978-1-896300-43-6 | 256 Pages October, 2002 Environment & Ecology, Non-Fiction

About this book

The first book-length commentary on twentieth-century Pacific Northwest writing, The Arbutus/Madrone Files explores the dynamics of the Pacific Northwest. Ricou’s varied meditations on the region are dropped into thirteen files, among them the Island File, Salmon File, Woodswords File, Sasquatch File, and (inevitably) the Rain File. Throughout, resonant quotations, poetry, song lyrics, and art from the region demonstrate and enhance Ricou’s own readings. A longtime student of literary regions, Ricou moves here from an academic perspective on the narratives of bioregion toward more personal and lyrical reflections on home.