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To Me You Seem Giant

Greg Rhyno 978-1-988732-00-8 | 264 Pages September, 2017 Accolades!, Ebook, Fiction, Nunatak First Fiction Series

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It’s 1994 and Pete Curtis is pretty much done with Thunder Bay, Ontario. He’s graduating high school and playing drums in a band that’s ready to hit the road. Even though his parents, teachers, and new girlfriend seem a little underwhelmed, Pete knows he’s on the verge of indie rock greatness.

Fast-forward ten years, Pete finds himself stuck teaching high school in the hometown he longed to escape, while his best friend and former bandmate is a bona fide rock star.

Greg Rhyno's debut novel is full of catchy hooks, compelling voices, and duelling time signatures. Told in two alternating decades, To Me You Seem Giant is a raucous and evocative story about trying to live in the present when you can’t escape your past.

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“An engrossing and masterful debut, To Me You Seem Giant reads like a love letter: to the Canadian music scene, to the 1990s, and to the city of Thunder Bay.”

~ Amy Jones, author of We’re All in This Together

“Rhyno knows of what he writes: the fervor of indie rock adolescence, the convolutions of adulthood, and the heartache in plumbing the past. A poignant and truthful novel, delivered with grace and panache.”

~ Rob Benvie, musician and author of Maintenance

"For a novel that's a lot of fun, Rhyno's book is ultimately kind of uncool. Uncool in a good way, though. In the end, it's a love song to adulthood, about the journey from disorder to order, an acknowledgement that you can leave behind a lot of the bad of your youth and still bring all the good music with you." full review

~ Andrew Hood, Bookshelf

"To Me You Seem Giant is a smartly observed journey about how to move forward."

~ Michael Sobota, The Chronicle-Journal

"A brooding tenor – combined with a lifelong love for music that manifests itself in new ways as he ages – lends Pete’s character a believable continuity." full review

~ Becky Robertson, Quill & Quire

“To Me You Seem Giant is ultimately a touching and hopeful reminder of the need to confront the demons of your past in order to move on.”

~ Alexander Kosoris, The Walleye

"Underneath the layers of rock and roll is a compelling tale of lost loves, backstabbing bandmates and wondering where it all went wrong."

~ Steven Sandor, Avenue Edmonton

"... a truly Canadian story that I think anyone who came of age in the 90s will really enjoy." full review

~ Worn Pages and Ink Blog

"Rhyno mixes in enough wit and self-deprecation with the troubles of youth and ennui of adulthood to make the story freshly entertaining, and the encyclopedic list of 1990s-era cultural artefacts provides a warm nostalgia for anyone who grew up in that unique historical moment." full review

~ William Best, Canadian Literature

"...each character was drawn so empathetically I felt like they were friends of mine by the end of the book; I was sad to close the last page on them." full review

~ Anne Logan, I've Read This