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Thirst To Die For (A)

Ian Waddell 978-1-896300-55-9 | 264 Pages September, 2002 Fiction, Mystery & Thriller, Politics

About this book

Something fishy is happening to the water of British Columbia. Tipped off by a court case, MP Clayton Greene discovers that a faction of high government officials have secret Orders-in-Council, allowing water exports from Canada to the United States. The Prime Minister denies any knowledge of the orders or the water export, but then the captain of the freighter that was to carry the exported water turns up dead and large amounts of money appear in a Caribbean bank account in the Prime Minister's name.

In his pursuit to uncover the corruption that is quickly spreading on Parliament Hill, Greene finds unlikely allies—a Toronto banker, a Dene elder, and the Governor General—in locales from the elegant halls of Parliament, Rideau Hall, and Queen's Park to the ski hills of Whistler, Vancouver's rough urban Eastside, and the Canadian Forces Base in Cold Lake, Alberta. Fast-paced action including car chases and death-defying escapes, along with Parliamentary tricks and nail-biting question periods, mark this thrilling first mystery by Ian Waddell.