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River Time: Racing the Ghosts of the Klondike Rush

John Firth 978-1-896300-66-5 | 288 Pages April, 2004 Non-Fiction

About this book

River Time: Racing the Ghosts of the Klondike Rush is the story of two men following in the footsteps of their long-deceased grandfather on a journey that changed his life and determined theirs. In this 1997 re-enactment of the stampede from Dyea, Alaska to Dawson City, Yukon Territory, John Firth and his nephew, along with many others, challenge the untamed wilderness of the North to experience the gold rush as their grandfather had 100 years before. Travelling the World's Longest Museum they pass through a history of others who also attempted to revive the past. Through his own experience and original poems from his grandfather to his bride-to-be, Firth brings to life the vivid scenery of the Yukon and the stark reality of the hardships faced by three men stampeding from Dyea to Dawson, separated by a century. One seeking the future; the others, the past.