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Goat Lady's Daughter (The)

Rosella Leslie 978-1-897126-06-6 | 224 Pages September, 2006 Fiction, Nunatak First Fiction Series, Women's Literature

About this book

Florrie and Mag Larson live off the land in a rustic cabin on the edge of British Columbia’s coastal society. When the eccentric sisters unintentionally adopt an abandoned baby girl, their world is turned upside down.

Content in her role as homemaker, Florrie embraces this unexpected gift of motherhood, but cynical Mag is a reluctant parent at best. Baby Jen grows up caught between her new parents’ wilderness lifestyle and modern life in the small community of Sechelt, struggling to figure out where she fits in.

But when tragedy strikes, the reality of these conflicting lifestyles comes crashing down around them. The Goat Lady’s Daughter  is a tale of indomitable spirit and of a way of life that once was common on British Columbia’s coast.


“Florrie and Mag are the crusty old aunts we all wish we’d had. In this extraordinary novel, Rosella Leslie envisions one of the most ramshackle yet thoroughly engaging families we’re likely to see in Canadian fiction this year. With The Goat Lady’s Daughter, Leslie proves, in the style of Barbara Kingsolver, that our true families aren’t always our relatives, but are often those people we get stuck with and choose to keep.”

~ Kimmy Beach, author of fake Paul

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