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Deadly Little List (A)

Kay Stewart and Chris Bullock 978-1-896300-95-5 | 360 Pages April, 2006 Fiction, Mystery & Thriller

About this book

The body of Joe Bertolucci, security guard for a wealthy and controversial land developer, is found in a deserted cabin on Salt Spring Island. A note and evidence found at the crime scene suggest suicide, but to Constable Danutia Dranchuk things just don’t add up. As Dranchuk struggles to convince her RCMP sergeant to keep the case open, she begins an investigation that will lead her deep into the corruption in the community. Arthur Fairweather, an expatriate Brit and drama critic for the Victoria Post-Dispatch, comes to the island to review the annual arts festival and stumbles across a second mysterious death in the cast of The Mikado that prompts him to do a little investigating of his own. As connections are drawn between the two deaths, tensions begin to rise on the island. How are the festival actors, environmental protesters, and a wealthy land developer linked to the victims’ deaths? Can Constable Dranchuk and Arthur Fairweather find out before a third body is added to the list?


"A Deadly Little List is pure Gilbert and Sullivan.... Chris and Kay take us backstage in this delicately crafted novel and show us the dirt — all the dirt."

~ James Hawkins, author of Crazy Lady

"Ardent Savoyards may take a smug pleasure in noting how ingeniously rehearsals for a doomed production of The Mikado figure in the plot."

~ Jim Ellis, founding member of the New England Gilbert and Sullivan Society

"Stewart and Bullock have put the mad in prima donna, the rat in operatic, and the cad in The Mikado."

~ Dave Carpenter, author of Luck